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Our regular updates on products, life in Clovelly and our lovely stockists.

By Sarah Harper, Nov 22 2018 11:25AM

Over the years I have been asked many questions about our soaps and most recently I am being asked about using our Soap Shampoo. With our increasing awareness of plastic waste many people want to make the switch to a plastic free option whilst still having soft and shiny manageable hair. Bear in mind hair has been washed with soap for much longer that Shampoo, detergents are a relatively new concept in our washing history. Only a few of us will remember having their hair washed with soap and rinsed with vinegar. This knowledge has been lost to time and needs to be rediscovered in the modern era.

I started using our soap as Shampoo 3 years ago and like any new product it took time for my hair to adjust. Soap is very different to shampoo and it will take a bit of perseverance to get used to it and for your hair to adjust to the change. The results with soap can vary hugely depending on your hair type and the water you have in your area but I think the reduction in plastic and the benefits for your skin are worth a little trial an error.

Soap reacts with hard water and can leave a residue in your hair which can make it feel waxy, greasy and heavy. This will vary depending on your water and your hair type, like shampoo one size does not fit all and you will need to experiment to get the best results.

Soap is also more moisturising than Shampoo which can strip your hair and scalp of protective oils, this can mean you hair and scalp feel oily because the soap does not strip your hair and scalp. Your scalp will need to get used to not having to overproduce oil to compensate.

I found for the first few weeks my hair felt lank and greasy and I wondered if I could ever get used to it. I discovered vinegar rinses and I have never looked back. Because soap is alkaline vinegar is the perfect conditioner as it neutralises the hair and scalp and removes the residue and allows the scales on the hair to lay down properly making it smooth.

I use a spray bottle with 1/3 cider vinegar and 2/3 water with a few drops of my favourite essential oil. As a general rule if you have dry hair you need less vinegar and oily hair required more vinegar in your rinse. After rinsing I spray my hair and rub in well and then rinse. Some people find that rinsing it out doesn’t work but for my hair this is ideal. I can also use normal conditioner with it so I have flexibility.

Some people prefer white vinegar and some find a conditioner works after the adjustment period.

My top tips for adjustment are:

1) Rinse rinse rinse to get the soap out of your hair

2) Try a vinegar rinse or even citric acid rinse

3) If you have a lot of product build up you may want to detox your hair with a bicarb rinse before using the soap.

4) Try Different Soaps in our range – some are higher oil that others.

5) If in doubt please contact us for some help and bear in mind it will take time to adjust.

By Sarah Harper, May 26 2016 10:47AM

Lavender Bunches
Lavender Bunches

On days like this with the glorious sunshine streaming through the window all I can think about is gardening. Planting our new herb garden which will allow us to put home grown ingredients into our soaps. Starting with our lovely healthy crop of nettles and comfrey for the new Hedgerow Herbal soap coming very soon.

Handmade soap always seems so much nicer with home grown ingredients that I know have not been sprayed with anything.

Our hedgerow soap is choc full of dried Nettle, Comfrey and Lavender and no essential oils which makes the soap mild and gentle for those that don't like highly fragranced soap.

By Sarah Harper, Dec 1 2015 03:06PM

If it is one thing we seem to have a lot of this time of year it is Oranges, we have a seasonal veg & fruit delivery and Oranges are in season now so we are juicing, making chocolate Orange cakes and my favourite Orange Jelly!

What to do with the orange halves you have left? Well one option is to pop them in a large jar of vinegar to make orange vinegar for cleaning or any number of other projects that you might find in my Soap Book

If you are looking for a quick festive project that uses up those juiced orange halves then look no further than our simple candle tutorial.

Step 1. Take your jucice orange half and flatten any of the contents against the sides and make a flat bottom. Dry for a few days or longer if you can.

Step 2. Using a glue gun fix a wick to the bottom of the candle, we have used an LX22 wick from my favourite supplier The Soap Kitchen here in Devon,

Step 3. Fill the Orange to about a cm from the top with some Olive Oil from the kitchen.

Step 4. Trim the wick to about 1/4 inch above the Olive Oil and light, this simple candle will burn happily away for 5/6 hours giving you a subtle warm orange scent. You can replace the wick and olive oil and start all over again! Once you have finished with the orange you can compost!

Of course the alternative is to buy one of our gorgeously scented Christmas candles and put your feet up!

We look forward to posting some more festive fragrance ideas over the coming weeks



By Sarah Harper, Nov 6 2015 04:56PM

The Clovelly Soap Company was my dream for the last 10 years and I have slowly worked towards being where we are now. I managed on my own making small batches of soap for years and selling at craft fairs and a few local shops in London.

Once we had moved to Clovelly the decision to really grow the business had to be a joint one with my husband Casie who was integral to the explansion plan. He took over making the soap about 3 years ago when the pans just became too heavy for me and I wanted to concentrate on our brand, working on sales and designing ranges.

Now we work together to run our lovely little shop in the pictureque & unique tourist village of Clovelly where we live, send out orders to our lovely stockists and design ranges, products and packaging for one off promotional soaps, corporate gifts, wedding favours and guest soaps. It is a juggle with family life but we wouldn't have it any other way. Making Soap and Candles looking out of our studio window is bliss and being able to sneak off to surf or garden or just hang out with the kids make this the best job in the world.

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