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All Soap Dishes are not created equal

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When it comes to handmade soap one of the biggest issues we find from our customers is the soap not drying our properly and becoming soft and squidgy and frankly not lasting as long as it should.  To give you small amount of technical information soap is made from a magical combination of Oils, Water and Sodium Hydroxide in a mysterious process called Saponification!


Making Process1

This process turns simple ingredients into Soap and Glycerin which is an amazing skin product that moisturises whilst drawing moisture to it.  Glycerin carries on attracting moisture so when a bar of soap is sat in a pretty but inpractical soap dish with no ridges and no drainage it soon sucks up water and turns to a fragrant but mushy mess (hardly cost effective!)

A few tweaks to your sink apparel can solve this problem and ensure long lasting soap.  If you love a pretty china or pottery soap dish then a quick solution is a slice of Loofah on top to place the soap dish raising it up from the water and ensuring good air circulation.  Not to mention a fabulous soap impregnated scouring pad to clean the sink with.


One of our best selling soap dishes is a wooden Hemu soap dish with wide slats and raised sides to keep the soap away from water and drain it well between uses

Hemu Soap Dish

If you fancy a bit of 80's Nostalgia then a fantastic new (see reworked for the 21st Century) product is our magnetic soap holder which is ones of my absolute favourites and guaranteed to ensure long lasting soap.  Simply pop the bottle top shaped metal part into a bar of soap and stick the sucker on the tiles or the side of the sink ensuring super dry soap all the time



And last but by no means least Soap on A rope, the 80's Classic (can you tell I am a child of the 80's?) hangs in the shower allowing air to circulate round the bar ensuring is stays dry between uses and has a handy strap to hold onto preventing soap slipping in to the bath!

Low Res-335

So don't fret if you have wet soap, help is here for all budgets and if you fancy a go at The Good Life you can grow your own Loofah so you never run out of soap dishes or kitchen scourers ever again!

Take Care Sarah

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