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Soap on A rope, Retro throwback or must have bathroom product?

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Soap on a rope on a pile of towels

When it comes to Handmade Soap you really need a great soap dish (see my breakdown of the best options) OR Soap on a rope.  I am a child of the 80's and Soap on a rope was the retro gift you got your Dad or Grandad from M&S and it was usually a moulded round or oval soap with the rope embedded into it.  Imperial Leather or Cussons were also regular features in the Soap on a Rope Era. 

They may seem like a bit of a throw back but there was definitely method in hanging your soap from the tap in the shower.  Handmade soap needs air round it between uses to dry it out and stop it absorbing water and turning into liquid soap.  Popping it on a rope means the soap lasts longer and you have a handy rope to stop you dropping the soap on your toes in the shower.  It is also really handy for washing the kids or the dog as you can keep it on your wrist and not drop it in the water and have to play hunt the slippery soap!

We have made soap on a rope for many years now and it is one of my favourite ways to prolong the life of the soap.  Why not give it a try with our great value soap on a rope bundles

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