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Olive oil – Is an essential ingredient in good quality cold processed soap, it makes a hard bar that moisturises and keeps skin supple.   Our soap contains 50% Olive oil


Coconut Oil – Produces the lovely white bubbles and brilliant lather in our soaps, it makes soap harder and helps to preserve it longer.


Palm Oil – Palm oil is a lovely oil that makes a hard conditioning bar of soap.  Our Palm oil is 100% traceable and sustainable and you can read here why we chose to use it and our thoughts on the future of Palm oil.


Essential oils – Are a natural oil typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic odour of the plant or other source from which it is extracted.  Each oil has unique properties which work on different systems in the body.  


Soya Wax


Beeswax – Is a natural product made by bees and is used as a container for the honey within the hive.  It has wonderful properties in skincare and has protective, antibacterial, healing and anti-inflammatory benefits in balms.   Is holds in moisture whilst reducing dryness and allowing the skin to breath, it also has a lovely natural scent.


Meadowfoam seed oil – Is an amazing oil which is high in Tocopherol and Anti-oxidants making it a superb oil for anti-aging, scar and stretch mark reduction.  It allows the skin to breath and prevents water from evaporating so reduces dryness and makes the skin more elastic.


Calendula - With its anti-inflammatory and healing properties it is rich in Vitamins E & C which promotes skin healing. It has good skin healing properties so it is ideal for  bruises, broken/varicose veins, eczema and baby skincare.