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Candle Care


To get the most out of your candles there are a few simple tips that will ensure you enjoy your candles from beginning to end.  


The very first burn is the most important: you will need to burn the candle until the entire surface is melted from edge to edge.  If the candle is extinguished before this happens, it a memory ring is created.  Once a memory ring has hardened, the candle will only burn to that ring and will eventually crater out and extinguish itself. (If you have candles that this has happened to you can gently warm the surface with a hairdryer and even it out.)


Most good quality candles should burn from edge to edge within a few hours.


It is also important to trim the wick every few hours by blowing the candle out and allowing it to cool before trimming to 1/4 inch.

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Keeping your Soap


Natural soap will last equally as long as soaps made with synthetics and preservatives – it simply needs fresh air to breathe (just like us!).


As handmade soap contains only natural ingredients, it is softer than most mass-produced bars. A little extra care and attention goes a long way to keep natural soap at its very best for longer.


We recommend you use a soap dish that allows air to circulate all around the soap, such as our handmade ceramic dishes. Opening bathroom windows to let in fresh air is beneficial too, and will not diminish the fragrance of your soap.


Finally, we advise that you allow your soap to dry between uses where possible, and avoid leaving it either lying in water, or where it will be splashed.

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