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Soya Wax Melts

£8.95 (Sold out)

If you love Home fragrance why  not try our 100% soya wax melts in all of our beautiful Aromatherapy scent blends.  Each 150g pack contains 6 melts which you can pop into a tea light or electric diffuser to melt and fragrance the room with natural scent blends.   The melts light approx  6-8 hours each depending on the height of your diffuser.  As the wax melts it releases the essential oils into the air fragrancing your room.  Once the wax pool no longer gives off scent you can pour the melted wax  out to dispose of it and use another one.  If you have a woodburner or open fire you can pour the wax into a small pot and pop a pine cone into it letting it cool into your own eco friendly firelighter.  

Made using 100% Soya wax and pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Diffusers sold separately