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Cold Process, Skin-kind

Clovelly Soap is handcrafted using the traditional cold process method. Because our soap is not heated to high temperatures, it better retains the benefits of our raw ingredients than do other methods of soapmaking.


Botanical and mineral elements give our soaps their gorgeous fragrances, different textures and gentle therapeutic benefits. Spices, clays and pure essential oils also give our soaps their gentle colours.


Naturally softening and moisturising, many people find they no longer need to use an additional moisturiser after using our soap. Cold process soap is also suitable for many people with sensitive skin who suffer from using synthetic soaps, shower gels and detergents.


Environmentally Conscious

Clovelly soap ingredients are biodegradable, meaning no unnecessary, harmful pollutants flowing down the sink into the wider environment. You can read about our environmental policy here, including our use of RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil.


"After 10 years of making our own soaps I still love using them every day and never get tired of the beautiful scents and how they make my skin feel.


"The whole family, including our little girls and our mucky pup Holly, use our soap and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!"

Sarah Harper, Founder & Owner of the Clovelly Soap Company      

Handmade in small batches in our family-run studio in the beautiful village of Clovelly on the north Devon coast, our soap is a true labour of love.

Inspired by the magical properties of plants, we are often found in our studio working on creating delicious new recipes.

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Our soaps are handmade in small batches in our studio in the beautiful village of Clovelly on the Devon coast.   Each batch is made using traditional artisan methods and the finest natural ingredients from nourishing butters and oils to locally grown herbs and wild harvested Seaweed.  Our scents come from Therapeutic grade essential oils chosen for their aromatherapy benefits.  Each soap is naturally moisturising and a real treat for your skin.

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