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Kind-to-skin, for you and your dog

The Clovelly Soap Company's Dog Soap is handmade with ethically produced and all-natural ingredients. Like our soap for humans, natural dog soap is gentle, softening and delicately scented.


Soft Power

Aficionados love our dog soap for its clean, subtle scent and ability to remove 'that doggy smell' and difficult-to-shift fox poo! See our page for reviews.


Containing antiseptic tea-tree essential oil and moisturising clay, it is also kind to your hands as you wash your dog.


No hidden nasties

Unlike many brands of commercial, mass-produced dog shampoo,  Clovelly Dog Soap contains no SLS, parabens and artificial preservatives or synthetic fragrances. Better for the environment, as well as you and your dog.


Long-lasting, natural soap

Simply use your dog soap as and when needed. Let it dry between uses and your Dog Soap will last just as long as mass-produced soap.


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A Sweet-Smelling Doggy Tale....


We don't believe in animal testing but our Clovelly Dog Soap (like all of our soaps) is tested out on family members, including our original mucky pup Holly.  


A typical springer, she loves to swim, roll in suspect smells and jump in the nearest muddy puddle. She is also prone to skin irritation so we tried out our own natural soap on her and discovered it left her smelling sweet and didn't irritate her skin.  


We decided to make and share a 'doggy version' of our cold process soap with other dog lovers. We would love to hear your results, too.

Holly Harper - Original Mucky Pup and biscuit taster

"Here at The Clovelly Soap Company we are big dog lovers and our little shop in Clovelly is frequently visited by lots of lovely doggies, if you are in the area pop in for a treat and a cuddle!"